Galih Alfattah Bestari

Online Marketing Strategiest, Campaign Manager, 
Google Ads Expert, Facebook Ads Advance,
a CEO, and a Happy Husband :D

Online Advertising Means to me:

"Passionate" is the the best definition for Online advertising as my Playground. 
Online marketing is the only reason that made me forgot about anything.

13 years doing online business and havent bored yet, 
If there's one thing that make me happy other than my wife.
It's "Online Marketing". hehe..

2008 - Now

Larry Kim, Founder of Wordstream Inc, said on its website that Best Marketer in the world converts its 11.45% of visitors trough by the ads (Depending of its industry). image above is my campaign data, with best Conv. rate and CTR reach 28% : 30% on a day

2016 - 2018

Founder and CEO for EMP Management Event Organizer. FULL OF ATTEDANCE is a MUST !!

2007 - 2015

CEO of LKG Ads Service.
One of starter Company that Offering Google & Facebook advertising in Indonesia.

I Dont list here how many book that I have read, How many Certificates That I awarded. and how much money that I Earn.

Because I dont think that its something cool.
Otherwise, Im always think that Your manner, and your knowledge, and your creativity is the real you

Who can I do for you?

Pay me only after I made a Satisfied Improvement.

If you pay me before I did it, then im out !